Bienvenue au Lesotho!



le royaume dans le ciel


Surnommé «le royaume dans le ciel", le Lesotho est le seul pays avec toutes ses terres situées à plus de 1.000 m d'altitude.

Il est intéressant de noter que le Lesotho a le plus haut point le plus bas en Afrique australe, 1 400m.

Its highest point is 3 842m, located on Thabana Ntlenyana, which translates “the beautiful mountain”.

An emblem: The mokorotlo hat is characteristic
of the Basotho poeple.



Basotho are also a blanket-wearing nation.

The picture shows basotho men enjoying the home-made beer-(joala)   (foto: lepato la Teboho, Most Holy Redeemer, mokorotlo hut in Maseru, new Lesotho flag)





Lesotho is composed of 10 districts:

Butha-Buthe, Leribe,
Mohales Hoek,
Qacha's Nek,

with Maseru as the capital city.




In 2006, 4th October, a day commemorating the 40th anniversary of the independence of Lesotho from the British protection, the Lesotho Prime Minister inaugurated a new flag that has a mokorotlo hat on it.




Lesotho, the kingdom in the sky .